Introduction of Wipes Automatic packaging Machine

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Introduction of Wipes Automatic packaging Machine

Wipes Automatic packaging Machine is a kind of high-tech, green and environment-friendly intelligent electric appliance integrating optical and mechanical equipment, which is made of spuning non-woven fabric made of natural pure plant fiber and produces disposable clean dry towels and collapsible square hot and cold wipes.

Wipes Automatic packaging Machine brand manufacturer: it can produce all kinds of dry towel in a short time inland and folded square shape of hot and cold wet towel, and after ultraviolet disinfection, really achieve the use of convenient and fast, clean sanitary wet towel machine price. It is designed to adapt to people's life, cooperate with modern people's pursuit of fashion, improve the traditional habit of using towels, and maintain the health of consumers. This product can fold hot and cold wet wipes automatically controlled by microcomputer according to users' needs. It can also convert cold wet wipes, hot wet wipes and dry wipes quickly and instantly.

With the rapid development of economy, people have developed from the past satiety to a higher level of demand. The appearance of wet wipes series undoubtedly infuses fresh blood into people's current needs.

Through long-term practical experience, CHINA QIXIN MACHINERY has developed a number of Wipes Automatic packaging production lines. Now we have professional systems engineering technology, according to your special company situation, production examples and other requirements to design and manufacture Wipes packaging Machine machinery, and provide installation and other technical support.

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