Wet tissue packaging machine

Automatic alcohol disinfectant wipes packaging machine is suitable for the production of all kinds of disinfectant wipes, alcohol cotton, alcohol cotton and other products



Automatic alcohol disinfectant Wet tissue packaging machine

The classic equipment in the automatic disinfectant wipes packaging machine, with years of successful application experience in the wipes equipment market, our wipes packaging technology has experienced several generations of technology upgrading, excellent packaging equipment performance, excellent quality of wipes packaging equipment is your recommended choice for value investment.

Automatic alcohol disinfectant wipes packaging machine
Suitable for the production of all kinds of disinfectant wipes, alcohol cotton, alcohol cotton and other products.

. The wet towel packaging machine meets the requirements of GMP certification.

. The metering pump imported from abroad can be used to subcontract and mix a variety of liquids with accurate control

. The man-machine interface is simple and easy to operate, fault alarm and safety control, one person can operate multiple machines at the same time.

. the language in the touch screen can be customized according to the requirements

. higher degree of automation

Description and parameters of automatic alcohol disinfectant wipes packaging machine:

This machine is specially designed for the packaging of alcohol disinfectant wipes. It adopts vertical folding and lower film feeding mechanism, with fast speed and stable operation.

 It can automatically complete the following special functions: wipes folding, internal and external liquid adding, slicing, bag making, sealing, counting, batch number printing, finished product output and so on. It effectively avoids the secondary pollution of wipes in the packaging process. The whole machine is compact, generous and safe, It is the first choice of alcohol disinfectant wipes.

Main parameters: production speed: 35-130 bales / min, depending on the length and composition of the wipes
Package size: maximum 200 * 100 * 35mm, minimum 65 * 30MM, adjust as required
Power supply and power: 220 V, 50 Hz, 2.4 kw
Overall dimension: 2600 * 1480 * 1500mm
Range of adding liquid: 0ml-10ml
Packaging materials: composite film, aluminum film
Packaging film width: 80-260mm, depending on the thickness of packaging
Total weight: 730K

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