Introduction of disinfect wet tissue packing machine

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Introduction of disinfect wet tissue packing machine

Disinfecting wipes packing machine is a kind of packing equipment with advanced design concept, compact structure, fast speed, good stability, high production efficiency, safe and reliable environment. It is a high-tech, green and environmental-friendly intelligent electrical appliance integrating optical and mechanical equipment, which can be packaged with disposable clean dry towel and collapsible square hot and cold wet towel. It can pack all sorts of dry towel and fold the cold hot wet towel that square shape at will in short time, and pass ultraviolet disinfection, achieve to use really convenient and quick, clean sanitation.

Disinfecting wipes packing machine is designed to adapt to people's life, cooperate with modern people's pursuit of fashion, improve the traditional habit of using towel, and maintain the health of consumers. This product can be automatically controlled by microcomputer to fold hot and cold wet wipes.

With the rapid development of economy, people's consumption concept began to have a brand new change, green environmental protection has become the current pursuit of fashion, people have from the past to meet the needs of food and clothing development to a higher level of demand, soft towel series appears, is undoubtedly for people's current need to inject fresh blood. It can be asserted that in the near future, the wet towel paper will replace the traditional wet towel and become the ideal fashion supplies for hotels, restaurants, hotels, gyms, beauty salons, airports, entertainment places, home schools and so on.

Compared with other products, the disinfecting wipes packaging machine can automatically complete: wipes folding, cutting, spray, cutting, bag making, sealing, counting, printing batch number, finished product output and other functions. Avoid the secondary pollution during the packaging process of wet wipes. The wipes packing machine has compact structure and safe operation.

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