Role of Facial mask packaging machine and daily Maintenance

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Role of Facial mask packaging machine and daily Maintenance

Facial mask packaging machine advanced design, reasonable structure, reliable performance. Facial mask packing machine adopts double synchronous belt pull film, controlled by cylinder tensioning, automatic deviation correction, automatic alarm protection function, minimize loss.

Metering device matching, bag - making, filling, filling, printing, counting in one. The opening and closing metering device can be modified according to the material.


Facial mask packaging machine maintenance of several key: cleaning, fastening, adjustment, lubrication, anti-corrosion.

In the normal production process, each machine maintenance personnel should do, according to the maintenance manual and maintenance procedures of machine packaging equipment, strictly implement the maintenance work within the specified period, reduce the wear rate of parts, eliminate the hidden trouble, and extend the service life of the machine.

Facial mask packaging machine Maintenance is divided into: routine maintenance, regular maintenance (points: one level maintenance, two level maintenance, three level maintenance), special maintenance (points: for seasonal maintenance, maintenance out of use).

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