What advantages does the Wipes automatic packaging machine have

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Wipes automatic packaging machine

Packaging is a necessary condition for products to enter the field of circulation, and the main means of packaging is the use of packaging machinery. With the development of The Times and the progress of technology, the packing equipment of wipes machine is playing more and more important role in the packing field.

So What advantages does the Wipes automatic packaging machine have?

(1) Wet towel packaging machine can greatly improve labor productivity

Mechanical packaging is much faster than manual packaging, packaging machine per minute up to hundreds or even thousands of pieces, tens of times the efficiency.

(2) Can effectively ensure the quality of packaging

Wipes automatic packaging machine can be based on the requirements of packaging items, according to the need of the form, size, get consistent specifications of packaging, and manual packaging is not guaranteed. This is particularly important for export goods, only mechanical packaging, to achieve packaging standardization, standardization, in line with the requirements of the collection of packaging.

(3) Wet towel packaging function to achieve manual packaging can not achieve the operation

Some packaging operations, such as vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, fitting packaging, isopressure filling, etc., can not be achieved by manual packaging, can only be achieved by mechanical packaging.

(4) The Wipes automatic packaging machine can reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions

The labor intensity of manual packing is very high. If the products with large volume and heavy weight are packed by manual packing, it will consume physical strength and is not safe. And to light small product, because frequency is higher, action is monotonous, easy make worker gets occupational disease.

(5) The wipes packing machine is conducive to the labor protection of workers

For some products seriously affecting health, such as dust, toxic products, irritant, radioactive products, manual packaging is inevitably harmful to health, while mechanical packaging can be avoided, and can effectively protect the environment from pollution.

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