The function of automatic wipes packing machine

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The function of automatic wipes packing machine

The automatic wet paper packing machine is specially designed for wet paper towel packing. Adopt vertical folding, blanking film, running speed is fast and stable. Automatic wet paper towel packaging machine can automatically complete the folding, cutting, spraying liquid, cutting, bagging, sealing, counting, printing batch number, finished product output and other work. Avoid the secondary pollution during the packaging process of wet wipes. Its main functions are as follows:

1. Wipes packaging machine can greatly improve the labor and social productivity of enterprises. Mechanical packaging is much faster than artificial packaging, such as candy packaging.

2 Can effectively guarantee the packaging quality. The wipes packaging machine package is used to package the items according to the requirements, in accordance with the desired shape, size, the same specifications of the package, manual packaging is not guaranteed. This is particularly important for exports, only packaging machinery to achieve standardization, standardization, packaging, to meet the requirements of the collection of packaging.

3, Can achieve manual packaging enterprises can not achieve the operation, some packaging operations, such as vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, body packaging, pressure filling, etc., are manual packaging can not be achieved, through mechanical packaging to achieve.

4, Wipes packaging machine can reduce the enterprise labor intensity, improve the working conditions, the labor intensity of artificial packaging is very large, such as the use of artificial packaging large, heavy products, both physical and unsafe; For light, small products, due to the high frequency, monotonous movement, easy to make workers suffer from occupational diseases.

Integrated with the functions and functions of the above automatic wipes packaging machine, more and more businesses use wipes packaging machine for packaging products.

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